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CoPious Organic Produce Box Reservations

About the CoPious Box

The CoPious Box is a local produce box offered by Temple Beth Israel, a historic synagogue in Highland Park, CA.
We partner with local gleaners, farmers markets and organic farms. The box is named Co-Pious to represent our values of cooperation and reverence for the sustainability of our planet. 
Our goal is to provide the community with organic food options while at the same time reducing our carbon footprint, food-waste and plastic packaging. Proceeds from the boxes go to support TBI and thus $18 of each order is tax deductible!
Each box costs $36 and contains between 15 and 20 pounds of fresh, organic and seasonal veggies and fruits.
It feeds 2-4 people per week. Boxes can be purchased on a weekly or bi-weekly basis at TBI, every Thursday night.
You can also get your box delivered to your home if you are within 5 miles of the synagogue for an additional $10 charge. For questions, notes, or to arrange delivery: copiousbox@gmail.com or text (213) 300-3373.
Our Soft-Launch registration (July 11) is sold out at this time.
TBI created the box to practice our Jewish values:
1. Not holding a workers wages overnight [Lev 19:13]
2. Not to destroy tress with unsustainable farming practices [Deuteronomy 20:19–20]
3. Hasagat gvul* [Talmud Bavli Baba Batra 21:b]
*Hasagat gvul (overstepping boundaries) is discussed in the Talmud and Shulchan Aruch, Rama, and modern Jewish ethical and legal texts. The majority of sources suggest a preference locally owned businesses. This preference provides community members with livelihood. The Talmud and its interpreters suggest that we prefer businesses that have a vested interest in benefit of the community in which they operate.